When you are selling a luxury real estate in Hillsborough, you need to have a comprehensive marketing plan that is designed to attract the qualified market. 

Before you start searching for the right buyer, you need to determine the right price for the property. The price, along with the location, is the starting point of every buyer’s search strategy. When the price is either too low or too high, many people will skip your property and move on to another property in your neighborhood . The right price should drive as many buyers as possible for you to receive great offers. 

After you set the price, the next concern should be giving your listing the right exposure. To do this, you have to highlight the physical features of the property to make it unique and sellable. Depending on the realtor and the seller, they can choose for a full-scale glamorous marketing strategy or do whisper listing that will only be release to selected realtors and their clients. No matter what their decision will be, it is very important to make the property be known to the right market.  

Many realtors believe that online marketing through the use of photos, videos, blogs and online advertisement is very effective in this digital age. This is because about 90% of the buyers are starting their search online. Posting the photo and video of the property in luxury property websites can boost the changes of getting the house sold fast.  

Be careful when choosing the website where you advertise the property. Some sites do not cater to up-scale audience and therefore cannot give you the right result. Many will ring your phone to inquire about the listing but they will not show up because they simply can’t afford the asking price. To prevent this from happening, choose online platforms frequently visited by rich people. This way, you have the assurance that your advertisement can reach qualified clients only.  

There are two sides about organizing an open house. For some, it is a good technique so that the clients will have the opportunity to view the property while socializing with their col-elites. However, there are cases when an open house can attract criminals. The seller and the realtor must agree whether they will organize an open house or not.  

It is important to get the right agent who can help you with the entire buying and selling process. He must have enough experience working in the luxury real estate category. Luxury real estate in Hillsborough can be tough to market. But with an experienced and skilled realtor, it makes the entire process stress-free.