When we founded our mortgage news site back in 2010 we had two goals in mind, to serve both the industry professionals and the general public alike.

Today, with both their help, we are continuing to make good our pledge to both those at the forefront of the mortgage industry and the home-owning American.

We already have 20,000 subscribers to our newsletter, which is emailed out monthly and reach some of the most influential people in the mortgage and real estate businesses.

For the professionals of the industry, we break the news that matters to them, in a timely fashion and provide in depth analysis about the latest trends and developments in financial institutions.

We are constantly expanding our list of contributors and number several influential and well respected journalists who write for a number of national and international publications. We have finance experts, economists and bankers on board to offer their opinions. We encourage a lively debate and via our social media sites – Twitter and Facebook – would love to hear whatever you have to say about the topics of the day.

To the general public, we offer a vast educational resource about all matters connected with the mortgage and housing industries. We have regular question and answer sessions, on Facebook and other social media channels, during which members of the public may put their questions to the various professionals and experts in the field.

The wealth of material available in our archived documents is accessible on subscription and downloadable.

If you have any ideas for topics that we could investigate or analyze we would love to hear about it.

In the near future, there may be the possibility of a blog spot opening up, for someone who works in the mortgage industry. So if you are a mortgage advisor and have some truths to tell – we would like to hear from you.